Cash Report is Missing in new Version

There is no cash Report in new version

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If you’re referring to the ‘Cash Summary’ report, it still shows up for me, so I think it should be working on your end as well. There might be something else going on here.

Do you have the Cash Accounts tab enabled?

yes it is enabled but Cash Summary report is missing in version

version 17.10.66

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I am running the same version as you - it shows up for me on both Desktop and Server Edition.

Can you check under “Reports”, on the left-hand side?



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Hmm, I started a new business and this is what I found:

  • If ‘Bank Accounts’ tab is shown, but ‘Cash Accounts’ tab is hidden, the ‘Cash Summary’ report appears.
  • If ‘Bank Accounts’ tab is hidden, but ‘Cash Accounts’ tab is shown, the ‘Cash Summary’ report is hidden.

I think this is not correct - it should probably appear in both cases.

Note: If you urgently need to access that report, you can work around it for now by enabling the ‘Bank Accounts’ tab. Hopefully @lubos can investigate this further and fix it for you, and then you can disable the tab again later.

Did you have a very old version beforehand? (one of the versions from before things were separated into multiple Bank Account / Cash Account / Inter Account Transfer tabs)? If so, that might explain why the report was visible for you before updating.

Visible report when ‘Bank Accounts’ is enabled:

Hidden report when ‘Cash Accounts’ is enabled:


I will elevate this as a Bug.

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Fixed in the latest version (17.10.67)

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