Spend money option on credit note for cash refund customer

sir, please add spend money option for cash refund on credit note tab.

This is not the purpose of a credit note. A credit note should be used to record an adjustment to the customer’s Accounts receivable balance. If the customer is a cash customer, you should not be issuing sales invoices or credits notes. Just receipts and payments.

but sir if we do just receipts and payments how will we manage our stock there?

Enter the inventory items on the receipt or payment just as you would on a sales or purchase invoice. The input fields for each line item on the various forms are the same and have the same effects.

if u don’t min will u please elaborate it m new user actually. thanks in anticipation

Start by reading Guides and creating a test business (you can have as many businesses as you want). Begin here:


The read the three-part Guide on inventory management:


is it a wrong approach to create a customer named cash sale create sale invoices for cash sale and receive money for that invoice in receive money by reference of that invoice #.

and sorry for taking too much precious time of you.

if you have regular customers and also counter sales, there is nothing wrong in creating a customer named Cash Sales for making counter sales. When there is a requirement for issuing a credit note, just select Cash Sales in the Customer field and select the correct invoice.

Not wrong. Just unnecessary and more work. When you create a sales invoice, you must record receipts against it in another transaction, selecting Accounts receivable and the customer’s subaccount. With a cash receipt, it is a one-step process. See this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/7321.

Either way, a credit note does not record payment of a cash refund to a customer. It only reduces the Accounts receivable balance. A separate payment transaction is still required. Again, why go through more work? If you are making cash sales and giving cash refunds, receipts and payments are the way to go. You may even be able to do without the entire Sales Invoices and Credit Notes tabs.

one of the main reasons is that it gives the user more clarity regarding the total number of invoice made. With a cash receipt the selling process is simple but tracking the sales invoices when they are distributed among different tabs is a difficult task. also, the sales invoices are automatically numbered, so when filing the monthly tax returns it is easier to identify if any invoice was missed.

obviously my points are valid only when there is both cash sales and credit sales. if a business has only cash sales then the cash receipts are the best option.