Cash in Hand - Email Transactions - Feature Request


Good Day,

We have an option to export a particular bank account or cash account. However if we could directly email the same also from the screen. It would be beneficial.

Thank you.


What’s the use case for this feature?


Good Evening,

The management in the company needs daily cash statements. Copy pasting from export and emailing the same is time consuming.
Cash Summary in Reports, I only received totals but not transaction details. Also cannot segregate only Cash Transactions.

If we could filter the cash account statement for dates it would be an added benefit.


Why not use the server or cloud edition and set management up as users? Then they have full visibility into everything they might want.


Good Day,

As the set up is in a village internet connectivity and electricity is not
very reliable. Setting up the business on cloud would mean being unable to
bill at times. Which would increase the work.