Cash flow Statement

Is it possible to generate Cash Flow Statement? i do not getting any options on this report, it would be useful and saves time.

The closest is the Receipts & Payments Summary, which actually used to be named Cash Flow Summary. For many users, this meets the need of a cash flow statement. Others say it does not. The fact is, there is wide variation in what accountants like to see in a cash flow statement.

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Manager Can take an initiative to additional report module for Cash flow statement with follow Direct and Indirect cash flow method.

I am sorry, @subrosumon, but I cannot tell what your last post means.

There are two method of Cash flow Statement, 1. Direct Method (DM) 2. Indirect Method (IDM).

Auditors report Financial Statements (FS) with IDM while organization use DM for planning and DSS. I strongly recommend it should be implement as it will complete three (03) basic tools of FS (i.e BS, IS & CF), as a complete accounting package software application!

On the other hand, I think, there are a lots of members on the forum who would be able to guide our respective software engineers to align and integrate fields for CF, if needed.

Thank you, @Rajwani. I am fully aware of the information you provided. But it does not help understand @subrosumon’s post.

Ohh!! Cash flow statement is now available.