Cash/Bank Account Summary Report bug on 19.7.65

Dear @lubos and @tut,
Cash Account Summary Report show wrongly as like below after upgrading to 19.7.65.
I reproduced it like below as my customer’s complained.

19.7.64 show right:

But not in 19.7.65:

I hope you will fix this urgently, @lubos. Thank you.

In addition to the differences in balance, traceable to the sign reversal on outflows, I found other problems. They exist in the Bank Account Summary report, too.

When comparative columns are added for previous accounting periods, figures for balance at the end of period do not carry forward as balance at the beginning of the new period.

The easiest way to describe things is that the two reports make no sense. I cannot identify a systematic problem, but probably only because I have not yet looked hard enough. Interestingly, the only Cash/Bank Account Summary report I have that includes a correct ending balance is a Cash Account Summary, the very one that @waiminn had trouble with.

I have put this into the bugs category.


Thank you @tut. And I am wondering that @lubos will fix it very soon.

Could you please test the latest version (19.7.66) ?


Everything looks correct now to me in both Bank Account Summary and Cash Account Summary.

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Thank you for your quick action.

Thanks you.