Wrong Cash account balances

Something is going wrong with Cash account balances in new version 18.8.41.

I have 2 cash accounts:
Cash 1 with balance under 100,00 – now the balance is - 44.789,08 (negative)
Cash 2 with balance 3.350,00 – now the balance is - 150,00 (negative)

Has anyone else notice something like that?



Balances are wrong because the Inter Account transfers are missing from the list, from all Cash accounts.
They exist in Inter Account transfers tab but they don’t calculated.


This was a bug. Fixed in the latest version (18.8.46)

I just updated and it seems the bug is still there. Negative balances on cash accounts show on 18.8.46.

Back to normal for me with version 18.8.46


Dear @lubos

Still, it was showing a negative balance in Cash account in the new version 18.8.46. I have updated the new version, But the problem is not resolved.



@lubos, inter account transfers are all listed when drilling down on account balances in v18.8.46, for both bank and cash accounts. But inflow transfer amounts are all shown as zero. Outflow amounts are correct.

I have put this topic back into the bugs category.

Thanks. I was able to reproduce this issue when base currency was set. Fixed in the latest version (18.8.47)

i still have wrong balance in some accounts

I didn’t install 18.8.47, but it is definitely fixed in 18.8.52.

It’s broken again (18.8.53 from 18.8.46)…
One of two Cash accounts have wrong balance.

Can you provide more information? Wrong in what way? Are transactions unlisted, wrong, or just not calculated correctly?

I Just installed 18.8.54 and all fixed now.