Calculation issues in the latest version

@lubos, there are serious errors in the latest version:

While equity shows correctly on the Summary page, its sign is reversed on the Balance Sheet report.

Also, net profit is incorrect. Its sign is reversed on the Summary page and in the Profit and Loss Statement.

The General Ledger Summary is completely screwed up. Depending on what period’s report I view, it is showing activity both before and/or after the set reporting period, omits opening and/or closing balances, reports opening balances for different periods entirely, or shows balances I cannot associate with anything real. Column totals are inaccurate or missing. Clickable numbers lead to registers that do not agree with the balance shown on the report. Basically, everything is wrong.

@lubos I’m having the same problem. Also, I have a different cash box & bank accounts, but now all of them is combined and I can’t know the actual balance in each one of them.

You should still be able to see individual cash and bank accounts in the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs. At least I can in my records.

There will be new version in a few minutes which should fix all these calculation errors.

Yeah, as @Tut says, you can click on Bank accounts tab to see individual balances. If you want these bank accounts to be seen on Summary screen as well, it will be possible by using custom control accounts… a feature which is next in the pipeline.

@Tut, please check the latest version (16.1.15).

The positive/negative sign reversals have been corrected. Thanks for the quick action, @lubos.

As I look at the General Ledger Summary, most of it now looks correct. Everything falls within the set period. All clickable amounts link to registers showing matching balances. But I notice that closing balances are missing for income and expense accounts. So in cases where there was no opening balance (based on the set period), but there were various debits and credits with a resulting net movement, the closing balance column is uniformly blank. This is NOT the case with balance sheet accounts, only income statement accounts.

This is on purpose. Basically income and expense accounts never have opening balances, they just have net movement. I think there is no point repeating net movement figure in closing balance column again.

Certainly makes sense, as long as it’s not accidental. I didn’t notice how things were before the recent change, because I don’t generally look at that report.