Cash at bank not working

I just started on this system and i added funds to the Cash at Bank account, but the funds don’t show. What should i do?

Not sure how did you add funds but I assume it was through journal entry?

If so, make sure to create a bank account under “Bank Accounts” tab first. “Cash at Bank” account is just a control account, you still need to choose a bank account otherwise the amount will end up in “Suspense” account.

Exact same issue here. I added a bank account and put money in it via the opening balance. If I then add a new journal entry, the control account “Cash at bank” is not present (all the other Assets are present however !!), despite that “Cash at bank” is visible in the “Chart of accounts”.

Would have been nice if the tutorial was a little more clear on this.

@jorisb, your explanation of your problem is not clear. When you add a new bank account, the only information you can enter for it includes a Name, Account Number, and Financial Institution. Opening balance is not set. Funds must be added to the account by clicking on the account name in the list of Bank Accounts (click on those words in the left navigation pane to bring up the list) and then clicking on Receive Money. Create that transaction and funds will show in the account.

What do you mean when you say “Cash at bank is not present?” The Bank Accounts tab in the navigation pane is always present. You cannot disable it. Likewise, you cannot remove the Cash at bank control account from your chart of accounts. Nor can you remove it from the Summary listing. So you must be referring to something else. Can you furnish more details?

I suspect that somehow, you may not have actually created the bank account, or it would show in the Summary under the heading Cash at bank.

The point is not at the bank account, but at the journal entry. I also never mentioned the bank accounts tab, ort that this would be missing.I dont understand why you are trying to explain how bank accounts work, but the effort is appreciated.

I’ll try to explain in more detail: If I add a new journal entry, theres a dropdown with all the accounts. This list contains all the accounts. Basically I try to repeat this manager guide: Guides | Manager. As you see in the picture on that link, in the dropdown it literally says “Cash at Bank” and after that “Checking account”. In my version. the entry “Cash at Bank” is unavailable.

I have made multiple bank accounts, I’ve important qif data, I’ve set up suppliers and connected invoices to bank records. So yes, the bank account is created.
I’ve made a few screenshots to illustrate this. The first shows my bank accounts, the second shows the dropdown in which these bank accounts are absent. Thir shows the summary that indeed shows that the bank accounts are there

THe absense of these accounts under ‘equity’ in the dropdown also hinders me from transferring funds between accounts directly. Yes I know theres a ‘transfer’ button, but I import bank statements and using the transfer button means I need to remove the imported bank entry, then create a new transfer. Would be a lot easier if the bank accounts were present in the accounts dropdown, exactly like it is shown in the guide

I hope this is more clear. Please let me know if there is still problems.

It’s no longer possible to debit or credit bank accounts via journal entries. I didn’t realize it was shown in the guides as viable use-case. Thanks for pointing that out. The question is, do you really need journal entries to post to bank accounts? “Spend money” and “Receive money” transactions can interact with all the accounts too.

It will be possible to categorize transfers directly within imported bank transactions. Right now you can’t select Cash at bank but it is going to be added sometime this week. This is to combat the issue you have, where you don’t want to delete original transaction and recreate it as a transfer.

Thank you for clarifying this. Please do edit the guide, as I spent a long logn time debugging why I could not repeat this (basic) tutorial. Im very much looking forward to the updated Manager in which I can transfer funds. Thanks!

Personally, I think the need for the Cash at Bank drop down in the journal entry section is absolutely necessary. I also spent the past three days trying to figure out how to record cash withdrawals from the bank via journal entry. of course there is the option of just transferring money from my bank account to one of my cash accounts via the navigation pane but i find it quite tedious because ALL my journal entries somehow end up in suspense because on one side there is stuff i did with money and on the other side i can’t show where i got the money from (i.e. my bank or cash acct) n this is quite frustrating. bn trying to figure out how to get my journal entries to balance. i’m getting quite frustrated with the software. Will love if you can profer a possible solution. Thank you.

I would agree with @tribenation300 suggestion.

@tribenation300, I just don’t understand this fixation on journal entries. Cash transactions are not possible to record via journal entries. You will need to go to Bank accounts tab or Cash accounts tab and use Spend money, Receive money or Transfer money button. Why is it tedious?

If you really insist on journal entries for everything, then don’t use Bank accounts tab and create your bank accounts as regular general ledger accounts directly in Assets section under Chart of accounts. Then you can use journal entries to debit or credit these (bank) accounts.

I just downloaded version 15.1.40 and I still cant seem to find ‘cash at bank’ in the dropdown. I’m probably looking at the wrong place. Can you advise on how to indicate that a bank receipt is a transfer to my savings account?

Dear Lubos,

I really like the feature of the Bank Account and Cash Account however in my cases I put the transactions of my Sales by Journal Entry since I’m doing a Restaurant Business and I divided my Payment received by Visa Card, Master Card, Cash At Bank so I can reconcile the Credit Card Payment from the bank at the end of the month and once again will put the reversal of each Credit Card type to the Bank Account by Journal Entry, and right now with the latest version I couldn’t do it anymore which is will be very difficult for me since I’ve done a lot of transactions by journal entries. Please make it possible to use the Bank Account and Cash Account with Journal Entry.