Bank Receipt Title


I notice that in the latest update when we receive money via a Bank Transaction, it gives us a “Bank Receipt”. Is it possible to edit the title to whatever we want (eg “Receipt”) under “Form Defaults”?

The Receipt is being issued by us to the customer - i would like it to just say “Receipt” and not “Bank Receipt”. To me if it says “Bank Receipt” it implies that it is being issued by the bank, not by me… “Cash Receipt” is fine… but if we have the functionality to edit the title for “Bank Receipt” (and “Cash Receipt” for those who want a custom title) it would be better.



Well, the latest update no longer contains Bank Receipt or Cash Receipt terms.

See: [18.8.59] Merging "Bank/Cash Transactions" tabs into "Receipts & Payments"

Everything is a Receipt now.

Noted… Downloaded the latest version… Thanks…!!!

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