Cash account and all invoices


Why cash account start from the end period ,I mean the first line today date
Also why cash account only one Column
May you add another Column one for debit and other for credit.
All coming debit and credit in one Column .
Same also for purchase and sale invoices


The latest is always displayed on top as that is the most likely entry wanted.
If the latest was at the bottom, after 2 years you would have to scroll down a lot of pages to see the latest.

To save screen space

Debit figures are in black, Credit entries are in red

You can sort any list in Manager in either direction by clicking on column headings.

Yes I can sort but there is no balance Because debit and credit in same Column .
At least you can add list to sort by date,month,



Look at any cash account in any software there is two column one for debit and other for credit
And when i start sorting balance gone.
Kindly also add list for sorting By date or month. in all cash account sales,purchases.payslip Etc…

You already can sort by date or any other column.

Also, the reason the balance column disappears after a sort is that it no longer makes sense. Balance is a running balance in order of transaction entry. When you search or sort, the numbers are meaningless.

May be misunderstanding Because Cash n Manager Is upside down

I mean screen appear from down to up
Normally from up to down .

Can you post a screenshot of where you see the an incorrect situation

Can you add new column to cash account as excel sheet Below

Because Cash account start from old transaction to latest transaction

Date # Account Description Debit Credit Balance

14-Dec-16 Account Description 14,995.00 14,995.00
17-Dec-16 576 Account Description 3,000.00 11,995.00
19-Jan-17 Account Description 1,500.00 13,495.00
20-Feb-17 626 Account Description 3,000.00 10,495.00
20-Feb-17 26 Account Description 40,000.00 50,495.00
20-Feb-17 4262 Account Description 95,000.00 145,495.00
21-Feb-17 577 Account Description 10,000.00 135,495.00
22-Mar-17 578 Account Description 7,000.00 128,495.00

If you add new column i can start sort easily and the balance never gone

Thanks for you