Can't receive email from Manager

Actually i wan to create a pdf file for save or send to customer, normally i will email to my email add and forward to my customer, means i will get the pdf file too.
But now i can’t email and can’t create pdf to my customer.

Any else person can help?

Do you get any error message?


So I assume when sending email, the software behaves as if it’s sent.

What’s in your email settings under Settings tab? Do you use custom SMTP server?

i try the yahoo and hotmail also can’t…
so i dunno wat happen, actually before is no prob.

Yahoo is known to quietly discard emails if they are sent from Yahoo email address not using their SMTP servers. Not sure about Hotmail but it could be similar.

The solution is to use custom SMTP server to use emails. You can set your SMTP settings under Email Settings in Settings tab.

U means i setting at my hotmail or yahoo mail? I direct using internet browser to browser email

What I mean is that when you go to Email Settings, you need to enable custom SMTP option like this:

Where in Username field, you need to type your Hotmail email address.