Cant open manager backup on different computer

Hi Team,
My partner backed up her manager file on her computer and sent it to me for not only safe keeping but so I can modify things if necessary and send it back to her to use. (We both kinda run this business.)

Problem is when she sent it to me, I try to open it, I get an internal server error, blank web page.
Manager seems to have serious day to day use issues at the moment…
Error is below… Can anyone help? I even tried copying the App data files with no luck.

Internal Error

19.5.7 (Desktop)


Manager.SerializationException: Type not found: 91c2bcbb-1f8c-4aa1-82fd-0ab38c97fb14 at Manager.Serialization.Deserialize(Guid contentType, Byte[] content) at Manager.ApplicationData.Get(Guid entityId) at ManagerServer.HttpApplication.ProcessRequest(HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response)

Upgrade to the latest version. That will fix the issue.

Thanks, I just re-installed and it seemed to fix it :slight_smile: Cheers guys.