Help Please - Imported Backup Not Working

I received the following message when trying to open a back up that I imported. It is the only backup that I have and the original files were deleted. I had two companies that were exported at the same time. One works fine but the one I need the most is giving me this error. Any help to fix this problem so that I can access the file would be most appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Internal Error

Sorry, something went wrong.
Please report this error to
If possible, please attach your Manager backup file so we can reproduce this problem internally.
Also, please include the following information in your error report:
16.3.52 (Desktop)
System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
at Manager.Serialization.GetTypeByGuid(Guid guid)
at Manager.ApplicationData.Get(Guid entityId)
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Start.Get()
at HttpFramework.HttpApplication.ProcessRequest(HttpRequest request)
at ManagerServer.HttpApplication.ProcessRequest(HttpRequest request)

@Donna, you need to furnish more information:

What operating system?
What edition (desktop, server, or cloud)?
Where did you make the backups? On what machine/operating system, etc?
Did you make the backups using the Backup button, or are you trying to open files created some other way?
When you say the original files were deleted, what are you referring to? Do you mean the former application software, or do you mean you deleted the data file?

Hello Tut,

Thank you for your reply. I exported the data from a desktop running Windows 10. I have exported before with no problems so that I can use and access the files from a transportable drive. The business we had was sold so I exported the files from the computer I was using them in the office and then deleted the program and files from the office computer. I no longer have access to the office computer. I exported the files for two companies. The second export works fine, the one I need the most though is the one that will not open. Please let me know if there is any other information that might be useful. Thanks so very much.

You didn’t answer the question above, which is probably the most important. I’m going to assume you were using the Backup button.

But now that you’ve told more about the situation, I am worried about this “transportable drive.” Did you access that drive with any other version of Manager software and then use it again with the older software? I already explained the reason this could be a problem. And I noticed in your error message that the version that threw the error is quite old. It dates from March of 2016, and there have literally been hundreds of updates since, several of which modified the data structure. Moving data files back and forth between machines with potentially different versions can be very problematic.

So in addition to answering my question above, try this: download and install the latest version from the Manager web site. Try to import the business. Let me know what happens.

I’m sorry, yest I did use the backup button. I’ve only been using the manager software for a few months. I will try that now and let you know. Thank you.

Hello Tut,

That solved the problem. Thank you so very much for your help! I appreciate it more than I can say! Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


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