Can't access accounts with nil (zero) balances

Whenever the balance of any accounts net of to zero (or even has had no entry in it and simply has a zero balance) I can no longer access it to see what transactions took place in it. That has become a bit of a problem.

You can view report such as General Ledger Summary which allows you to see movements in the account even if closing balance has been zero.

The reason why all accounts previously with “0.00” show “dash” symbol now is because it was a bit strange to have some accounts with “dash” and others with “0.00”. It wasn’t clear to many people why this inconsistency.

So the change has been made to match expectations. Sure we could make all figures with dashes as clickable “0.00” but then Summary tab gets really noisy with all those mostly useless zeroes.

I think the best solution would be to simply make dashes clickable. I think I’ll just do that.

That would be great! Thanks Lubos!

Fixed up in the latest (14.4.7)

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