Inventory Value Changes After Update

@lubos , I found out all my inventory numbers changing after the manager update while we’re being audited. Please help to check regarding this matter. Could you give an authorization to us for our update ? otherwise this kind of things could lead to a disaster.

Every total is clickable so you can see what transactions is the total made out from. Click on the total figure to see if you see anything wrong (e.g. some transaction is missing that should be there etc.)

From what I check, the qty that supposedly 0 become -. And this is happened from the beginning of the database. The auditor now asking for my explanation. This is a serious matter since all the Financial Statement become unbalance now due to differences in P&L & BS numbers.

Isn’t this just presentation issue where instead of 0 you see dash? I mean both would indicate no quantity. For the record, I’m not even sure what screen you refer to. Would be helpful to see screenshot for the context.

Also, can you demonstrate how changing zero to dash makes any difference to general ledger figures?

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Personally I prefer dash instead of zero. I found it better.

Hi Lubos, What I mean is previously its 0 value, now suddenly it has -xxxxx value which the average cost suddenly difference. This created a chaos in the reporting system. Could you help to evaluate my database ? It unbalance now between balance sheet and P&L.