Cannot tag account to payslip deduction items


i cannot tag any accounts to payslip deduction items. how to i remedy this?

i finally figured it out after 1 week lol.

you have to create a control account under employees then you can tag it under deductions.
i did it a few times but don’t know why its working now. well. hope this help others.

but i need to create an account under chart of accounts with the same name for it to appear. how do i do that without opening another account?

i cant tag any employee to the control account

You have to create things before you can select them.
First you need

  • a basic chart of account
  • Employees
  • Payslip items

then you can create payslips and recurrent payslips

See the guides

and see

  • a basic chart of account
  • Employees
  • Payslip items

yes i have created employees and playslip items. but still dont list.
as you can see in the below image i have 31 staff listed.

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@Joseph_Chew, when you create a control account for employees, the only subsidiary ledgers you can assign to it are employees. An employee can only be assigned to one control account. Everything related to that employee will post to that control account. As an example, you might create different employee control accounts for employees at different locations. But you should not create different control accounts for different purposes, such as ordinary payroll and advance salaries.

The screen shot you included in post #4 does not illustrate that you cannot tag employees to the control account. It illustrates that you have not yet assigned any employees to that control account. Your employee, Kim Darapikol, is assigned to the Employee clearing account. None of your employees are assigned to Advance Salaries/Loans. And they should not be.