Deduction in Payslip

we have control account(Special account) of “Advance to Employee” and there are several sub accounts of employees under this head then at time of deduction in “Payslip” these sub-accounts of employees are not showing. please advise.

The developer does not recommend using special accounts for advances to employees. See Control Account not working - #19 by lubos. (Note: most of that topic was about another subject, so not all of it applies.)

@Naqvi - for your control account “Advance to Employee” to work under Payslips it needed to be assigned to Employees not Special Accounts, however, unfortunately Employees is not selectable under the control account options:

E.G. Take a multi divisional business where it can segregate on the management balance sheet money, customers, suppliers, inventory items, fixed assets etc for those divisions but not the employees.

Why does Manger need to impose these artificial limitations / inconsistencies.