Cannot run Desktop edition on Windows XP

When I try to run the Desktop edition the following error message is displayed “Internet Explorer 8 or newer required”.

But IE 8 cannot be installed on XP.

Any solution.

Thanks in advance

IE8 can be installed on Windows XP. Its the latest version that Windows XP supports. Make sure that you have service pack 3 installed and download all updates if windows updates still works for Windows XP. Otherwise try installing IE8 manually by getting it from the majorgeeks website which I know is a trusted website. Cannot find the IE8 for XP on Microsofts website.

Try XP with SP3, all updates and IE8 - then manager should work. Failing that, I would recommend upgrading to a new OS because software developers cannot be expected to support an Operating System that is now 13 years old and no longer supported by Microsoft.

IE8 For XP