Cannot add New Business on Ubuntu 16.04

Trying to add a new business on a new install of Ubuntu 16.04 and new install of but just lets me type in the business name and then stops and doesn’t proceed any further.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks from a new user.

Could you try to install and test server edition to see if it lets you progress further? That could reveal where exactly is the problem. I certainly haven’t heard of this specific issue before on Ubuntu.

I was able to install server edition, start the server and add a company. I then went to the Desktop version and the company did show up in Desktop version. I started to customize the modules I needed with in Desktop and when selecting Update I go the following JavaScript error. Looks like there is an issue in accessing sqlite.

Internal Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

Please report this error to

If possible, please attach your backup file so we can reproduce this problem internally.

Also, please include the following information in your error report:

16.12.35 (Desktop)
SQLite.SQLiteException: ReadOnly
  at SQLite.PreparedSqlLiteInsertCommand.ExecuteNonQuery (System.Object[] source) [0x00129] in :0 
  at SQLite.SQLiteConnection.Insert (System.Object obj, System.String extra, System.Type objType) [0x0010e] in :0 
<!-- 512 bytes of padding to suppress Internet Explorer's "Friendly error messages"

Several frequently-seen status codes have “friendly” error messages
that Internet Explorer 5.x displays and that effectively mask the
actual text message that the server sends.
However, these “friendly” error messages are only displayed if the
response that is sent to the client is less than or equal to a
specified threshold.
For example, to see the exact text of an HTTP 500 response,
the content length must be greater than 512 bytes.

Just went in and checked ownership of the .local/share/Manager directory and root was the owner. I chown to my user account for the folder and the files within then tried to customize and Update and it appears that everything is working correctly.