Can you batch update customers

That’s what I did on 3 different goes

No I pasted the batch create underneath my batch update that had the word KEY

Well I have level 7 bachelor of business management majoring in accounting and computer science and I have passed Microsoft’s excellence in Excel level 5 so do know a bit.

Actually If you look at my last post after me repairing Manager I have fixed the problem. I now see all the buttons and it is much quicker and I can copy and paste and it does not take ages to save or load.

The question I am now asking is can I delete the other Front conflicted business as in the screen shot or will it tell me what went wrong .
I love manager as much as anyone but you were so quick to blame something I did , you know sometimes things go wrong with applications nobody’s fault it just happens.

Oh by the way your words were “That just is not true” so you are saying “you are not telling the truth”

Now I understand what you meant when you wrote, “That is all I got the word “KEY” 3 times.” It seemed as though you might be saying you obtained some result where “KEY” appeared 3 times in the same view. You hadn’t shown any such thing, and I now understand why.

It would have helped a lot if you had said that in the beginning. Instead, you wrote, “If I do batch create it does” and posted a screen shot of the spreadsheet where you had pasted two entirely different processes into one spreadsheet. That created the impression that Batch Create had produced the entire image.

Those were earlier signs that the file was likely corrupted.

Don’t speak of deleting yet. Open and thoroughly check both businesses for accuracy and completeness. If one is corrupted, Remove it. That will simply isolate the file in the application data folder. You can always delete it from there later.

And no, it will not tell you what went wrong. If the file is corrupted, it will just reproduce the same (or worse) problems.

If you re-read this thread, you will see I never blamed you for anything. I said I thought there was something going on with your spreadsheet. And I only thought that because you had not shared the face that you pasted two batch operations’ clipboards into the same spreadsheet.

what ever I have fix problem and moved on