Customers lists

Is there away I can export my list of customers and import them into my own address book

use the Export button available at the bottom in Customers tab and paste to any spreadsheet program.

Thanks for that It helped a bit But I`ll still have to put the address in individually

Use Batch Update. Copy the list to the clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet. You will get all information, whereas an export only gives you what shows on that particular screen. You will still need to manipulate information in the spreadsheet.

Ive tried batch update and pressed copy to clip board Ive tried Batch create and nothing what am I doing wrong Is this only available on the cloud

please read the guide on batch operations to understand the process better.
everything is clearly explained in the guide. if you are stuck at any stage then please post specific questions with relevant screenshots to understand the problem.

I`ve done thanks finally sorted it