Move the CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE buttons

I wonder whether other people would like to see the CREATE, DELETE, and UPDATE located to the right of the remarks box. My reason is due to have to page-down to find the buttons. A small thing but it would be helpful.

This system is very good - thank you.

My vote would be “NO.” General consensus in web design is that it is easier and more intuitive to scroll down than to scroll right or left.

There is no scrolling right or left as there appears to be space adjacent to the remarks box. I just thought it would save scrolling at all.

Which specific screen are you referring to? I assumed you were discussing a sales invoice. On that, if by “remarks box” you mean the Notes field, there is some space. However, on many screens, there is no such field, and Manager consistently displays the Create, Update, and Delete buttons at the bottom left. I think it far more important to have overall consistency for ease of use and understanding than to adapt one screen.

how about making it static?

Actually you have given me a good idea. Sorry to hijack the thread, but one of the things that I have noticed about Manager is the need to scroll left to right. Perhaps what Manager could do is when you open an invoice or something, it could make the invoice full screen ie the left hand menu disappears as generally speaking you don’t need to access anything in the left hand menu when viewing invoices, purchase orders etc!

What do you guys think?

As for delete, update buttons I personally think having them at the bottom is more consistent as most forms in most programs have them at the bottom - so its easy to find!

Personally, I like always having the navigation pane visible. I often start doing something and realize I need more information or want to check something first. So I click on a new tab. I’d rather stretch a window horizontal once or scroll right and left if I need to leave it narrow than sacrifice other flexibility. And I’m a big fan of consistency in forms.

I agree with consistency, but my suggestion does not change the consistency of forms. You could actually have a collapsible left hand menu that you could open by clicking on an arrow or something to expand it. That way you get best use of screen retail space.

Can I refer you to “Journal” entries. The “CREATE” button is just below the screen. Whereas there is room to the right of the “notes” box. It seems unnecessary to scroll purely to confirm the journal entry. Further, the Bank and Cash entries are much the same, with space to the right yet the create button is just out of reach.

There is no need for scrolling north south east or west, for the sake of including the create button in-screen.