Batch delete mode

Is there a way to undo batch delete mode other than to click on the tab again and reset my search results.

There used to be an undo link but now there’s isn’t anything.

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. But Batch Delete operations can be undone through the History file.

Remember the red line with the undo, similar to the undo button when you search. It would nice to have a button or a link like that to turn off batch delete mode.

No, I don’t remember. Can you describe what you are referring to? I rarely use Batch Delete, so maybe I missed a feature that came and went.

Why is the Back button not sufficient? Or clicking a tab button? It seems to me that current behavior is no different from abandoning any other action before clicking Create, Update, Batch Delete, or whatever the button happens to say for the process you are in. (For that matter, the Undo link after searching isn’t actually needed, either. You can accomplish the same thing by clicking Back. Even sorts are preserved. But it is probably helpful for less experienced users.)

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Sorry, it’s not the undo, it was “Cancel”. This should refresh your memory.

I totally forgot about manager’s back button, I use Alt+back arrow but that gets me back to where I was before deleting anything. But the back button solves it.

However, it would have been more intuitive to have a button next to the big red button like so

OK. I didn’t know what you meant by “the red line” either. Now I realize you were referring to the warning banner. Both that and the Cancel button were taken out when History was added, because the ability to Undo in History eliminated the disastrous consequences of a mistake.

As for a Cancel button beside the Batch Delete button, I suspect the thinking is that putting one there would raise requests for putting them everywhere. The Back button serves the same purpose. And if you think in terms of browser behavior, you don’t have Cancel buttons on browser pages unless you are, perhaps, filling out a form. But you would not necessarily expect one to take you back to the previous page.

I think Cancel button next to Batch Delete does look appropriate to me. Added to the latest version (21.2.83).

Agree, thank you.