Question about e-mail templates

Hello i had a question about e-mail templates. In manager you have 1 e-mail template for sales invoices. Is it possible to make more templates?

So let’s say i have a paying term of 30 days and after 30 days i want to sent someone a notification that they didn’t pay the bill yet.

Is there a way that i can choose between templates so if i want to sent the notification i choose template A and if i want to sent the invoice I sent template B.

Which leads me to the next question: Is it possible that when you sent a invoice bill to the customer with Template B That after (let’s say) 14 days the program automatically sents a notification to the customer of that bill with tamplate A?

THNX once again for the answers and keep up the good work, I really love manager, great program!!

Only one email template per form is possible. And Manager takes no actions automatically.

Then email them a Customer Statement found under reports - it details unpaid invoices

OK THNX. for the answers!!

Maybe this could be a item for the future??