Late Payment Legislation Automation (Suggestion)

If an invoice becomes overdue can we have a facility were the program will automatically send a reminder email and also add compensation and daily interest to the overdue invoice?

Just a thought


It’s good idea but at this point, something I consider a marginal feature. Sure it would be fun to work on it but I really need to get done those boring bits such as multi-currency, inventory, payroll etc. first.

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I second this suggestion, this function would save a tremendous amount of time.

Some ideas/suggestions about implementing:

    • The “Number of days late” taken from the variable of the “Status” row in invoices screen, could trigger a specific email template. The user would be able to create different email templates and link them to a trigger, in this instance that would be “number of days late on payment”. F.e. if the payment is 14 days late then send email template reminder 1, if 30-40 days late send email template reminder 2 (with automatic late fee calculation). The second part with automatic calculation could be a later update since developing it might take more time.
    • Some nice options to include would be: 1. wait for user confirmation before sending, 2. link to x days before last bankaccount import.

Another unrelated email suggestion:
Adding the option of entering sur- and last name in customer tab and allow the email template to use variables from that customer tab. F.E. Dear mr/ms. %surname%.

One year later and this feature would still be appreciated :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Even a basic automatic late payment reminder would be nice to have.

@knireis you are reacting to very old topic. Late payment fees have been implemented.