Can I add 40 row in one invoice at once


Is there any way I can direct copy 40 rows or more data from excel in one invoice instead of creating one by one

You could use the Batch Create function: But it won’t be easy, because many of the entries will be indecipherable hexadecimal strings.

Your Question isn’t clear.
explain n if possible show ur idea with a picture

I had all data in excel file and there are 40 or some times more rows in the excel for one invoice …. is there any way I can directly add all rows with data in the invoice instead of creating one by one show in picture.

like @Tut informed earlier you can do this with batch create option.
but some fields need to be in hex codes to import correctly. maybe you can import the lines and then correct the relevant fields manually in Manager. its a better option than manually entering the whole rows.

Nope you can create a batch when you are entering 10 invoices but here my question is when you are inside “New sales invoice” in one single invoice I need to create 40 rows and in the summary page its only show total.

@SMaha, your question has already been answered twice.

Batch create supports the creation of multiple invoices with multiple lines. If you look into the excel file that you can populate from batch update you will see inside many cells multiple lines divided by an excel line break. These are the lines of the invoice. You need some excel skills to create a file that satisfies your needs.

I created a routine in excel that imports invoices from the Italian digital invoice portal and transforms them in the format that Manager handles. They are multiple invoices with multiples lines and even custom fields are correctly populated.

So the answer is yes, it’s feasible.

Thanks Davide and all for your help.