Can I add fields in the suppliers view?

I want to add the address field from topic 1 to the fileds in topic 2 is there a way to do it?
Thank you!

What are topic 1 and topic 2? There are no such things in Manager.

If you are referring to adding a column to the Suppliers tab listing, the only way to do that is to define a custom field and designate it to show as a column. But then you would have to enter all the addresses into the custom field.

Thank you very much!
Another thing: is there a way to “move” customers, suppliers etc from one bussiness in manager to another one in manager too ( to avoid entering all tha data again)

Yes. There are several ways

  • batch update in the source business. Then use that data to batch create in the destination business

  • backup the source business then import the backup & give the imported business a new name (destination business). Delete all redundant data from the new destination business.

  • open the source & destination businesses in different tabs in your browser. Manually copy and paste between them

Not easily. Various approaches have been discussed many times in the forum. It involves batch operations, which are complicated by their heavy dependence on hexadecimal UUIDs.