Adding business logo

I have followed the procedure if creating business logo but the system still asking for update while I have already selected the logo from the file. How it could be done?

What image format are you uploading?

What formats does Manager accept?

JPEG or PNG are recommended.

I still can’t upload my logo. I’ve tried in jpeg, eps and png. Is this feature available in the free version? I want to trial it before moving to cloud.

I choose the file, see the name there, then when I click ‘update’ it instantly defaults to ‘no file selected’.

Could you send the file you are trying to upload to ? I will try to reproduce this issue.

I have the same problem after i update the system still ask for another update. and may i ask if this logo if successfully update will be reflected in the journals and reports?

@Leslie_ann_Galano, the logo appears on documents that go to customers and suppliers, like invoices and receipts.

It will not appear on reports, because financial statements typically do not have them. (They are traditionally formal.) If you are accustomed to looking at income statements and balance sheets of public companies, they almost never have any graphics, just numbers.

I’m not sure what you mean by “journals.” In accounting, a journal is a running record of transactions. Because Manager is electronic, the database is the journal.