Business import failure

Hello all,
Am trying to import a business but it just hang at 2% for over 20 to 30minutes now. See below.

Pls help.

No one can help on the basis of your photograph of a tiny portion of a screen.

First, please use a screen grabber application to post screen shots. It is almost completely useless to look at a photograph.

Second, you need to provide much more information, just as you have been asked to do in response to previous questions you have asked: operating system, edition, etc. Where are you importing from? What, exactly, are you trying to import? How big is the file? What is the full name of the file?

64 bit operating system, Windows 10.
2.0Gb, file size 1.67kb, file name… Manager server. Location C:/users,/desktop

Please answer ALL of the questions Tut asked

@glowhite, your response made things more confusing, not less. What is 2.0GB? You cannot import a file named “Manager server.” Nor would any Manager file have such a name. Such a file would not be a Manager business data file. If it is the server edition of the application, you also cannot import that. No Manager file is as small as 1.67kb except some preference files in your application data folder. You cannot import those, either. And a 2GB business file would be really huge, though not impossible. You need to furnish more precise information. Incomplete or incorrect information prevents people from helping.

Not to worry, I guess the problem was from the Bowser or system setup cos I took the back up to another system and it imported without hitches.
Thanks all for your concerns.