Business Identifier fields not visible at Business Details

when I decide to edit my Business Identifier number, the fields are no more visible at Business Details settings. and the old number still printing with no chance to change it

plus the added custom field to the Business Details no more shows at printing

note: I am on the latest version of manager

The Business Identifier field is no longer standard under Business Details. If you had one before, it should have been converted to a custom field. (Many businesses don’t need one at all, and some need more than one. So the new scheme is more flexible.)

If you want a custom field to show, you must check the box:


But that doesn’t work. The field does not seem to show up anywhere. I will put this into the bugs category.

I don’t have the ‘converted’ custom field under Settings>Business Details, but my ABN still shows up on invoices etc.

that’s what I am talking about, I am not able to remove it either

Generic business identifier has been removed from the program because it conflicts with country-specific ones which are being rolled in.

As per the latest version (19.5.50), your old business identifier is simply being appended to Address field under Business Details.

As always, a job well done @lubos.

To be coherent with your previous chooses why don’t you convert it to a custom field?

its ok with that. even custom field no need because we can add it at the end of the company address. but the problem with the old one, its stuck with printing and no chance to remove it at all

@maldroubi, first be sure you have updated to at least version 19.5.50. Then go to the Settings tab, click on Business Details, and look in the Address field. You might have to scroll down in the field to see the addition that was added by conversion from the old business identifier field. I can assure you the conversion works.

finally its work on 19.5.51 version.:+1:

@Davide, the reason is that different countries would be using different custom fields for business identifier. It’s also possible to have multiple business identifiers and they would behave differently. There wouldn’t be generic one-fit-for-all custom field, that’s why I couldn’t convert it into a custom field.

For example, Australia has ABN which shows on certain reports. New Zealand has NZBN which will show on different reports.

Now, it’s possible for New Zealand company to have both ABN and NZBN and both fields are to be used in their own context. Generic Business identifier custom field is not useful because I still need to know what it actually is.

Fine. Now I understand. I’ve started working on Italy

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