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Hello, I’m new to Manager, and I have read several topics and guides but still, could someone offer me a example of a fake business? Not the Northwind Traders one, because I want to study a different kind of business example. My accounting English is not that good because I live in the Netherlands and seeing how things are done within a example business will help me a lot.
Please upload an example which I ( and others) can download.

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PS already a great accounting program!

Hi Hans,
I’m a fellow Dutchman and a retired financial controller and member of the Dutch translation team.
In case you are looking for let’s say a demo environment, unfortunately that is not available.
I have set up an empty business in Dutch with, I might say, a very complete chart of accounts (rekeningschema). I could help you in setting up your business with Manager, but this forum is not the place for that. In case you want help, send me a private message. As you already said, Manager is a great program and I’m sure you could do your bookkeeping with Manager.

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Could you send me the demo environment so I can have a preview on what is possible with Manager

Mat Maas

See this Guide: Import a sample business | Manager. Everything available in Manager can be explored beginning with this file. Read the Guides for further information on things you can try.

In addition to what @Tut wrote: once you have decided to start using and you are based in the Netherlands, I can help you with an empty business with no transactions but with a complete set of General Ledger accounts in Dutch for all kind of businesses where you can delete the codes you don’t need.

@Hennie: That would be nice. I have made a first draft for my company (based on another accounting program that has become obsolte)
Could you please give me the link to the empty Business you are referring to?

I can also give you access to my draft of my own Business, but I dont see where I can put attachements

English only on the public forum please, @matmaas. You can use Dutch in your private messages to @Hennie.

Didn’t Manager have a sample company Northwind Traders available for download? What happened to it?

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It is still available - see Tut’s post no 4 above

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My bad. Didn’t click on the link :stuck_out_tongue: