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Hi all. I’m new here but really liking this accounting software. Just wondering, now I have a fresh installation, how can I find a sample company to populate the software. I need this to explore and demonstrate the application’s functions and capacities.
I’ll be grateful for any any leads.


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Good Idea, we can have a sample company link on the home page where users can download and import using the “add business” button.

When I was learning how Manager worked, I created a dummy business and just started making entries like I would for my own business. The problem with a sample business is that there is too much stuff that is not relevant to you or your business and you get overwhelmed with information.

Its much easier to create a dummy business and then create sample transactions such as creating a supplier, creating a customer, creating a bank account and then creating a purchase invoice and then creating a sales invoice and you will see how it works far better that way.

Ill try putting some data in. A sample company would be great though. Thanks for the advice.

I recognize that using the software is the fastest way to learn it. However, starting from scratch doesn’t “show off” the software.
I see blurry sample screens on the website. Surely the developer can post the sample company that data comes from. This would allow newbies to quickly see the power of the software and evaluate in easily.
By the way, the software is great. It is friendly and I picked it up quickly. I had the added benefit that I am a bookkeeper and know what to expect.
Thanks for the great work!

PS…I see that a file called Northwind.manager is available. Great!

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