Sample Company accounts

For first timer user, its helpful to view sample company accounts reports instead of keying dummy figures to understand the gist of this Manager accounting software.

You could always “Add” a Business called Sample Company and do as you please without affecting your real business. As Manager has such varied users, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Service Providers, Investment Managers etc, no one sample company would satisfy all potential users

Doesn’t matter what type of user Manager has, at least user is able to view some sample reporting. Surely, the developer of Manager uses test data to create this application.

You will learn much more, faster, by creating such examples yourself in a test company. The “test data” you refer to would be a bunch of numbers without context. So even though you might be able to look at a report, you would not know what it was telling you. And then there is the problem of 80-some different languages.

From a purely pedagogical viewpoint, so-called “school” answers are seldom useful for actual learning, because learners assume what they see is the correct and only method. In accounting, there are many, many approaches to the same task, depending on company organization, local law, etc.

Fair enough if Manager doesn’t have it . Usually other accounting package can shows sample reporting or product demo. It’s okay

I recognize that using the software is the fastest way to learn it. However, starting from scratch doesn’t “show off” the software.
I see blurry sample screens on the website. Surely the developer can post the sample company that data comes from. This would allow newbies to quickly see the power of the software and evaluate in easily.
By the way, the software is great. It is friendly and I picked it up quickly. I had the added benefit that I am a bookkeeper and know what to expect.
Thanks for the great work!

PS…I see that a file called Northwind.manager is available…great!