Business Details (custom fields)


can we get custom fields for business details as well?

for example i want to put more details for my a client for example

  1. Telephone and FAX
  2. Directors
  3. Key personnel to contact
  4. TAX ID
  6. VAT ID


Not clear what you are asking - if it’s to add custom fields to a client(ie a customer) then this exists already

These are custom fields I have added to Suppliers but the same can be added to Customers

59%20PM Not for client but for business details.

Settings -> business details

As a workaround, you could use the Folders tab to store a document with the information on the business.

How explain? I think it’s easier with custom field

Where do you want this data to be shown?

To the business details :wink:

Nice answer… I mean in which report… or do you want to keep them in your pocket?

Why make life difficult?59%20PM

When I go here business details I want to see more details
Such as

Tax number

A before you say : oh there is already field for tax number. Yes I know I need to put more than 1

@Showtime, Business Details is where you enter things you want to show on every transaction document. Surely you do not list your accountant’s name on a sales invoice you send to your customer, do you? Nor would you list your directors. The purpose of the feature is not to store general business information.

Nevertheless, you can put as much information as you want in the Contact details field. And it will show below your trading name on documents, in the header. For that matter, you can also put additional information in the Business identifier field, separated by <br> tags. That also shows in the header.

Custom fields, on the other hand, will appear at the bottom of the document by default. Use them if you want other things. Set them as defaults under Form Defaults.

The bottom line is that what you want is already provided in the program via more than one route.