Is it possible to add new fields to the customer information?


I want to know if it is possible to add new fields in the customer information section.


Not at the moment. What fields you have in mind?


I work for a educational institute, so i have to store the educational details of each of my customer so i can always see an overview. It would be great if there was an option to add custom fields.


This post helped me to find a way in being able to store more information about my business. As I couldn’t find anywhere to place important details about the business (such as ACN & TFN) I ended up creating my business as a new customer of the same name and stored all important details in the “Additional Information” area.

It would be nice to have more customised fields, as well as having a similar customer layout specific for the business in the Settings area, but for the time being it’s no big deal.


How about adding a button that says “Add field” and allows the user to type anything they want for the title of the field along with the option to make it appear every time you add a new customer.


I currently keep Customer Codes which helps differ between customers with similar names. I would also need them to appear next to the actual ‘company name’ for easier and more efficient working. Can that be incorporated?