Custom fields on Statements

Is it currrently possible to add a custom field to a Customer Statement ?
Checked the forum, could not find anything about it (maybe I did not search well enough?)
If not possible yet, could it be made possible at a later stage.
Reason: customers want the bank details to be printed on the statement as well, not just on the Invoice only.

If you create a Custom Field for the customer, it will print on the statement

No. But you can put this information in the Business Identifier field of Business Details under Settings. Or add it to the address block. It will then appear on all transactions.

The other option is to generate a PDF and use a PDF editor to add a text block to the PDF.

Thanks for the suggestion. Still I would prefer that the custom field functionality would be implemented for statements as well, to be consistent with this functionality accross many other documents in your great system.

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