Adding new form elements for software

Hi I need to add new form elements to software to use it.
I mean , we need to add city of the customer company,
and tax office name of the customer company. How can i add these details.
In my country we have tax office name and tax id, so both of them shall appear in an invoice.

Two options:

  1. Put that information in the Business Identifier or Billing Address fields. You can enter anything you want there. It will appear at the top of the invoice. This allows you to enter the information once and have it appear every time you invoice that customer.

  2. Create custom fields for that data. Custom fields appear at the bottom of the invoice. This will require you to enter the information every time you create an invoice.

As Tut suggests, in fact if you do the option 1 the detail will appear in the Sales Orders, Quotes, Credit Notes and Invoices.

How can i create custom fields, i currently installed server version as trial.

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