Bulk update to Customer credit - no field for CX name

I tried bulk update to customer credit and it does not give me option to select the customer.

Is this a bug or do I have to manually select each receipt??

Exactly what do you mean by a bulk update to customer credit? Customer Credits is a control account (meaning you cannot delete it) with subaccounts for individual customers. So, no, you cannot just change the total as it appears in Summary. If there is a balance there, that means you have, at some point, entered a transaction for a customer that was out of balance with what they owed at the time. Click on the blue account balance in Summary to see a list of what makes up Customer Credits. Any non-zero balance will point you towards the source. You will need to update existing or enter new transactions for that customer.

If you mean something else, please explain.

In “Uncategorised Receipts”, I do a search for rows containing a business name. I then would like to apply these to a customer’s account via “Customer Credits.” When I choose the account “customer credits”, It doesn’t allow me to select the customer’s account i wish to apply these credits to. I have to manually do it to each receipt.

This is currently unsupported. Mostly because customer credits were added after bulk categorization. I’m working on more flexible approach called Bank Rules (look under Settings tab) where you will be able to set permanent rules how to bulk-categorize imported transactions and it will include “Customer Credits” support.