Uncategorized transactions

I have 661 Categorized transactions fine so when I go into them it lists all 661 then when I go new bank rule and tick the box to bulk update it takes so long. So has it changed as I have not downloaded a bank statement since march .
You used to get it in pages not transactions at once

and all the way to the bottom after 661 of them

It’s usually easier to import several smaller time period in succession. The advantage is you can design bank rules on the smaller batch, then apply them to later batches. It also simplifies checking, say doing a quarter at a time.

The reason it is slow is you have no bank rules yet so when you enter one, Manager needs to check if it applies to all 600 transactions. I suspect it will be faster for later batches.

The advantage of having one long page is the batch update can submit all 600 transactions at once instead of needing to repeat the update for approximately 20 pages which you would otherwise have to do. An improvement imo

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Thanks @Patch I was not sure if it was part of any update.Just starting to get back into clients accounts those that left 2019 to the last months of the year