Bulk Receipt from Bank

Our bank use to collect the funds on our behalf and at the end of the day sends a detail list collection in excel with unique codes and collected amount of each customer and credit our bank account with total amount.

We have explore options for bulk receipt but could not find much. I was impressed with the implementation of Payslip payment just one link and all the accounts will appear in payment tab.

At present, one has to post each customer with separate receipt or with one receipt select each customer which increase work flow. In addition, invoice amount does not appear while selecting customer and invoice one has to type increase the chances of error for 100+ customers and like wise.

Can we do something like

  1. Payslip so on one click selected invoice payments can be receipt.
  2. On selection of customer and invoice, invoice amount should automatically appear in ‘amount’.

Or any other way, Manager has opted in between will be happy to explore.

I suggest you look at batch create.

  • First enter some data from the bank by hand and decide how you want it entered.

  • Use batch update to see how your test data could have been entered in batch create

  • Program (probably in a spreadsheet) to manipulate the bank data to the required batch create format

  • Enter later data via your spread sheet & batch create

Thanks Patch for suggestions.

However, Batch use UUID and there are multiple field it is difficult for the team to manage.

In addition, it is not same for every time and daily receipt vary from customer to customer and invoice to invoice.

use VLookUp to convert the customers name to GUID

But you may need to employ a programmer to set this up for you if you don’t have the programming skills.

Here’s a template that might help. Manager_receipt_template.xlsx

Thank you @Bob_Hunt & @Patch.

This will create multiple receipt whereas we need to create one receipt again multiple customers.

You cannot. A receipt can have only one payer. In your case, the receipt is from the Bank itself, even if it is on behalf of many end customers.

Why is this a requirement?
If you want to replicate records in Manager you would get if you processed the transactions yourself then the opposite is the case.

Manager does have a nonstandard receipt format. Type “other” allows specification of a different customer for each line item via GUID, however that is not how I would recommend you enter your data.

It is not clear what you are trying to do.

Does each customer have a separate account with invoices AND payments posted to it?

Are you just trying to identify receipts for each “customer” without any invoices being created?

Perhaps a summary of the business and what you are hoping to see in your accounts would help

Invoices and receipts are two different transactions and cannot be generated at the same time

It is typical when you use a POS system that banks do the aggregation of the payments and in the bank statement lumps them up. If you want to track the individual customers then the batch create options explained above with having each customer listed is the way to go. If just wanting to be able to have “evidence” that the transfer includes many customers I would advise just to attach the file from the bank to the corresponding entry where bank is the payer.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. We have found one way through Create Batch using TextJoin function in excel (thought important to share it with rest as well).

Practically, we can select Trade Receivable → Customer → Invoice → Receipt Amount; it is working. However, doing it for multiple customer is very lengthy.

Is it possible for point 2 at-least?

I am sure, if point 1 is working for Payroll same logic can be applied in Customer tab like Employee tab from where Accounts receivable total should be able to create Receipt entry like for Payslips.