Batch creation of receipts from invoices

Hi all,

I’d like to find out how to batch create receipts matching existing invoices. I receive a large csv monthly with client name, amount and invoice no. Is there a way to either use batch create of receipts or batch update of invoices to mark these as paid?

Many thanks

You cannot just mark invoices as paid, in batches or otherwise. You need to post receipts against them.

You can batch create receipts, but you need to identify UUIDs of each customer. The way to do that is to make a manual entry for each customer, then use that information from a batch update for the batch create. So it may be easier to just enter the receipts.

That’s a crying shame. We have to enter well over 200 in one session every month. Would be nice if this could be implemented.

Here’s a workaround you could use, while Customer UUIDs still need to be used for batch-create operations:

  • For every one of your customers, enter their name (or another ID that consistently shows on your monthly csv) into the Manager Customer ‘Code’ field or into a "Custom Field’

  • In a spreadsheet, create a customer-ID table of all the previously entered IDs against their Manager UUIDs (Customer batch-update/copy-to-clipboard), save and backup the file

  • Compile a batch-create table, using Manager’s “Receipts & Payments” batch-update/copy-to-clipboard as a template

  • Use the customer-ID table you created to do a VLOOKUP operation on your monthly csv to allocate UUIDs to each payment in the batch-create table

  • The UUID goes in the “lines.Account” column, you might want to fill other columns as well but do not include a “Key” column)

  • Backup your Manager Business

  • Cross your fingers

  • Batch-create your Manager receipts by copy/pasting the table you compiled

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Thanks Bob. I’ll keep that one in reserve for when I get really sick of it. Sounds rather intimidating.

The first time yes.
But have a look again what you will actually need to do on subsequent occasions

I wondered how long this would actually take to do, so I had a go (using the ‘Northwind Traders’ sample business) and I’ve compiled a Batch-Create-Receipt-Template (xlsx) that you can use:

  • A Batch-Update/Copy of ‘Customer’ data, pasted into a spreadsheet, lets you make a Customer-UUID table from the ‘Name’ and ‘Key’ columns. I pasted this table into the templates’s green cells.
  • The template also needs the UUID of the cash/bank account that payments are received into and a Batch-Update/Copy of ‘Cash/Bank Accounts’ grabs this data. This is pasted into the template’s yellow cells.
  • You would need to do the above operations just one time for your own business (unless you add customers or change bank accounts) but it only takes a few minutes to do.
  • The monthly-customer-payment data (Name, Date & Amount) from your csv gets pasted into the pink cells in the template and formulas automatically populate the appropriate orange cells.
  • The orange template cells contain the data that actually needs to be copied/pasted back into Manager in a Batch-Create receipt operation.
  • As test data, I put 6 dummy receipts into the pink cells. If you paste in (say) 200 receipts, of course you would need to Copy/Paste the whole lot (plus the heading row)
  • For this to work properly, every “Name” in manager has to EXACTLY match the names listed on your payment csv. (or some other unique customer ID could be used)

Thanks a bunch Bob. I’ll definitely give it a go.