Bulk import purchases


we try to import purchases invoice.
We used the bulk import method. but we cant get the company name with it.

How can we ensure that the company name is linked directly .
we added de company names before import, but it doesnt help

Regards Stefan

What do you mean by “bulk import method?” Are you referring to importing bank statements or the Batch Create function?

If you are referring to importing bank statements, you can use bank rules. See the Guide: Use receipt rules to categorize imported transactions | Manager.

If you are referring to Batch Create, suppliers are represented by hexadecimal UUID’s rather than plain language. So you must first make manual entries covering all desired suppliers. Then, partially complete a Batch Update to see the UUID associated with each specific supplier. Following that, you can insert the appropriate UUIDs to designate suppliers while doing a Batch Create.

You can also export all the Supplier through their Tab’s Batch Update to.gat all the UUID in one list

UUID is the pain.
feature request for name matching?

Use a simple VLOOKUP in Excel and the job is done.