Bank Import, Rules Bulk Create everything going into suspense

I am importing bank account but all data is going under suspense

If we Bulk Create payment rules.still account details is suspense

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This is expected behaviour for new businesses as there would be no rules to help assign your payments and receipts to the various accounts you setup. I am not sure what you mean by Bulk Create payment rules.

From experience it is common to create better rules with every import, for example you may have need for another account or you have been too precise and thus the rules would only capture that particular statement. The latter happens if you just accept the information when creating the rule, you have to delete some aspects if you want it to apply for more payments (or receipts in receipt rules). Also the more complex your chart of accounts the more rules you will create over time.

Have you read and followed the Guide: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager? Are you aware that many of the required entries may be hexadecimal UUIDs? Have you identified the equivalent UUIDs for your accounts?

You have to

  1. Import data
  2. Create bank rules
  3. Apply the rules to each data set

I suspect you are yet to do step 3.

hello @Tut this is working, i tested in to batch payment & Receipt. now main problem. how to get/create UUID for each chart of accounts data ? is there any way ?

Look at the Edit screen for each account in the Settings tab. The UUID appears in light gray at the top:

You might find it easier to double-click on the UUID to select it, copy it, and paste it into a reference list. They are too hard for most people to read.