Bulk Create Customs fields

Which programming language required to write custom fields? Or more importantly, how can I learn to write custom fields?

You don’t need any special programming skills to create custom fields. Refer to this guide for more detail:

Having said that, there’s no batch operations for custom fields.

However, you can still use the API to automate most repetitive tasks. The Manager API is REST, which means it’s language agnostic – any programing language could be used.

Feel free to search the forum for more info.

I think I failed to convey what I actually need. Let me explain through an example. I have to create a sale order of 50 items along with a custom field (style number) for each item. It took me a very long time to enter items & custom fields respectively.

The job would have been very easy if I had simply copy-paste the data from a spreadsheet. This is the case for all the other forms as well, i.e. Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Delivery notes, Receipt of Goods, etc.

Second question; I have created a sale order & purchase order, now I want to create a delivery order from the same forms, from either a sale order or purchase order. When I use the ‘copy to’ method, all fields are filled except the custom field. The custom field stays empty, is there any way I can get the same custom field copied exactly the same as other fields from Purchase Order or Sale Order?

@decentboy008, if you have defined a custom field for a particular transaction type, then you can complete the custom field when using Batch Create. You can also edit the custom field when using Batch Update.

I believe what @Ealfardan meant is that you cannot define custom fields using batch operations.

As for copying, if you have an identically named custom field for both transaction types, the data will copy. However, that does not apply to line item custom fields, only to transaction form custom fields.

And in the future, please do not introduce new questions to a topic. That hides them from other users who might help. Start new topics.

I have created custom field as line item in sale order, I want take this custom field to purchase order, purchase invoice, goods receipt, delivery note. How to fill this custom field in batch create option so that I can copy paste from spread sheet?

You can’t update line custom fields using batch operations.

I want to suggest this option be included in the software.