Reconcillation "cleared" tick or date

When manually reconciling, having edited an entry to mark the "cleared"date then returning to the reconciliation list, there is no indicator on that reconciliation list, that the entry has had a "cleared"date entered.
Suggestion: Can the "cleared"date then show as a list against entries on the reconcilation list? Alternatively make each entry change to green, or simply have a "cleared"column with a tick when the “cleared” date has been entered? OR even allow to enter the "Cleared"date on the reconciliation list, rather than having go to the edit of the entry in order to set the "cleared"date?

Are you referring to the bank reconciliation process? Or are you referring to some other verification process you use? I assume the former.

The bank reconciliation process is separate from transaction data entry. Displays vary depending on what discrepancies Manager discovers as it creates the reconciliation statement. You cannot change a transaction anywhere in Manager from a list, because you are not looking at the records themselves. A bank transaction may appear on the list for many reasons, some having nothing to do with clearance dates. In fact, having a cleared status does not necessarily mean a transaction will not appear on the list; nor does a pending status mean it will. So there is no reason ticking boxes or entering dates would mean any given transaction is no longer a problem or should “change to green.” Transactions often appear on lists during bank reconciliation because of errors with other transactions.

The fact is, you should not generally be setting clearance dates during reconciliation. That is best done in the Bank Accounts tab, not the Bank Reconciliations tab, by drilling down on the Pending deposits and Pending withdrawals figures. If you do that, you are presented only the transactions awaiting a clearance date.

Durr!!! Sorry about me missing the “Pending” date options. The default of “cleared” I had left that way and simply ignored using that facility. All is well and thanks for the help.