Due date in Recurring sales invoice

There is no option to set a due date for recurring sales invoices hence the generated invoices have no due date. This creates a problem when generating unpaid invoices

In future it will be possible to setup pre-defined payment terms (such as 7, 14, 21 days or anything), then you would select payment terms from the list on recurring invoice and Manager would automatically calculate due date upon creating sales invoices.

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Thank you @lubos

It would be simpler if the option to setup predefined due dates is given just before /after the confirmation of generation of recurring invoices. This will allow changing of due dates each month if necessary . I would not have to undergo the hassle of creating 500 new recurring invoices with every change of due date :blush:

@lubos any update to the automated due dates in recurring sales invoice?

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@lubos any update to the automated due dates in recurring sales invoice? Have to set the due date in 159 invoices again :pensive:

In the latest version (15.0.93), you can now set the due date on recurring sales invoices.

@lubos Thanks a ton mate. U guys are great. @patchworkfields

I wonder if it would be possible to extend the automatic due date calculation to regular (i.e., not recurring) invoices? I have standard payment terms of 14 days from issue date - it would be great if I could state this in Settings and have the field automatically populated when creating a new document (or automatically altered if I amend the raise date).

Of course, the due date should remain editable for any occasions when I do need to deviate from standard terms.


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In the latest version (15.0.96) it’s now possible to set default number of days since issue date on sales invoice itself.

Thanks @lubos. That’s a nice little amendment that will make life that little bit easier. Very much appreciated.

Thank you, Lubos, its a great Feature :slight_smile:

Just used the automatic due date feature and this happened. Only 5 invoices came with a due date and the rest has no due date. Did I miss out on something. I set the deafult at net 7 days.

Got it. Have to set the due date in individual recurring invoices. The default date set for the regular sales invoice does not apply for the recurring sales invoice. Wish it did.