Bug with assignment of groups in chart of accounts

Currently, a user-created balance sheet group in the chart of accounts can only be assigned to Assets, Liabilities, or Equity groups when created. But once created, it can be edited and assigned to itself. When that is done, the group and accounts already assigned to it disappear from the chart of accounts. This is true even when an included account is an in-built account like Accounts payable.

Because the group is no longer visible in the chart of accounts, it cannot be edited to correct the problem or recover access to the included accounts. This problem persists through deletion of entries affecting the included accounts, disabling of related tabs, and re-enablement of tabs.

For example, if the in-built Accounts payable account is assigned to a user-created group, and that user-created group is assigned to itself, Accounts payable disappears. If all purchase invoices and suppliers are deleted, the Purchase Invoices and Suppliers tabs are disabled, then re-enabled, and new suppliers are created, the in-built Accounts payable tab is not restored to the chart of accounts.

The program should not allow balance sheet groups to be assigned to themselves.

The same thing does not happen with profit and loss statement groups. If a group is edited and assigned to itself, it becomes a top-level group, on par with Income and Expenses.

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Fixed in the latest version (17.11.26)

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