Group Headings made up of zero accounts don't Hide

It seems groups with zero balances are not excluded. In other words, when selecting ‘exclude zero balances’, accounts are hidden from the summary but not their group, assuming all accounts are zero in a given group.

Is this the intended behavior?

Groups with non hidden zero accounts

0000000 Bug 1

Groups with hidden zero accounts

0000000 Bug 1a

It appears to be working as a collapsed group rather than a zero group (?)

Personally, I do not think this a bug. It is, rather, a matter of individual preferences on how group titles are displayed. Some might like the group to disappear if all its accounts are zero. Others might still like to know the group exists in the chart of accounts.

@Tut, this topic is about the functioning of the feature 0 Exclude Zero Bal.
Note how the feature’s wording doesn’t make any distinction between an “account” or a “group” zero balance, therefore currently the feature’s “exclude” contradicts itself by publishing a ZERO BALANCE. .

Your introduced individual preferences is a red herring which misrepresents the topic.

Well, @Brucanna, this comes down to what is a balance. Accounts have balances. Groups summarize the accounts within them, but do not have balances of their own. You can drill down on account balances, but not on group summary amounts. So, clearly, the program now treats those group summaries differently from account balances.

Would you have the program eliminate the top level group headings (Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Expenses) from the financial statements because their constituent accounts happen to temporarily be zero? I think not. The Liabilities group summary is often zero for small services business. But have you ever seen a balance sheet without that heading? I doubt it. Likewise, as a new accounting period begins, Income and Expenses are both zero. But have you ever seen a P&L without those headings? No.

I don’t think comparing user groups with standard groups makes sense. The question for me would be if showing empty groups on the summary gives useful information when I glance at the summary. For me it does not. It just clutters the interface. If I want to analyze the chart of accounts I can do that through the settings.

Exactly, especially when those standard groups (Assets, Liabilities, Equity etc) operate externally of the feature 0 Exclude Zero Bal which is the focus of this topic.

Just another distracting red herring being introduced.

Fixed in the latest version (20.2.61)

It appears at version (20.2.71) this bug has reappeared.

Refer to topic Bug on Summary page

Actually I think I fixed this on P&L side only. The latest version (20.2.88) fixes both sides.