Deletion of subaccounts when a group account deleted

Today I received a client request to create Non Current Assets and Current Assets as new groups.

Once i created Current Assets group I edited relevant accounts to be classified under current assets. However, they were not shown as intended. So I deleted the current assets (group) account. Unfortunately, I cannot see the balances of individual accounts thereafter.

Am I wrong to assume that Group account usually cannot be deleted when it has individual accounts attached to that?
Thank you.

I think it’s ok for the group to be deleted. But those accounts under the group should not disappear. They should show under some other group instead.

Thanks a lot for the comment. However, asset values have gone down and cannot see those accounts names.

Highly appreciate if you can help to restore from a backup. I did not take any backup before the change.

Use History function to undo. Also, these accounts should not disappear in chart of accounts. You should be able to re-categorize to existing group.

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Thanks Lubos for the quick assistance and it works well.

I observed, following highlighted grouping accounts and any account group under them do not appear in FSs and Summary. So I created CURRENT ASSETS-A and it works normal.
If i want to re-classify accounts under above highlighted accounts, only available option is to undo in History and regroup. Appreciate if you could resolve this sooner since it affects the customers confidence.

Is there a reason that there are 2 groups with the same name (CURRENT ASSETS) or is this a result of the problem that you are describing?

Fixed in the latest version (23.6.19). The accounts won’t disappear from balance sheet, they will be automatically moved under Uncategorized category just like they are presented in chart of accounts.

I think client has tried it two times.

Thanks a lot Lubos.
Suggest to introduce warning on use of same name (non-case sensitive basis), if possible.