Bug in Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report

When i generate a Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report for the period from 1-1-2017 to 31-12-2017 it also shows (and adds) the sales invoices of previous year which i entered for the starting balance (with invoice dates in 2016). Correct me if i’m wrong but they shouldn’t be included as they are not invoices of sales of this year.

@Frankie, which form of accounting are you using, accrual or cash basis?

@tut accrual

I can reproduce this. I’m sure it comes from the fact that the program picks up pre-start-date invoices in order to set the starting balance of Accounts receivable. But I agree it should not include them in a report for a defined time period. If you drill down on the balance in that report, you will see that the transaction shows with a date equal to the start date.

I am moving your post and responses to a new topic and designating it as a bug. I checked, and the same problem does not occur on the Sales Invoice Totals by Item report.

Fixed in the latest version (17.11.11)